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  • Shenzhen Hehejin has been engaged in solar charge controller field for 8 yearsis a professional Global Solar Energy Innovative Application Company.As we know, Solar energy is a kind of environmental protection, safety,pollution-free new energy. It's far cleaner than conventional energy. It's not dangerous as well. 

    we had very good cooperation with many large famous manufacturers during this period .We sell authorized EPever and SMK products on the online shopping website such as Amazon, eBay , Aliexpress ,Lazada and also provide OEM, ODM for many customers from all over the world, and we also have our own PowMr,Y-SOLAR trademark .

    We aim to develop smaller, smarter and more stable products. All our efforts are to provide customers with more perfect services, and let customers have better senses of experience. We hope to make customers could buy everywhere as well as get service everywhere.So we have warehouses all over the world. USA Australia Canada UK Japan Philippines Russia Thailand and the biggest one in China. So you can get our products from your country. Wherever you are,we can provide service.

    We provide high quality solar inverter charge including all in one solar inverter, hybrid inverter, solar Charge Controllers, solar battery,solar system, solar PV connectors, wire connectors and excellent overall solutions with professional services to fully meet the requirements of various types of photovoltaic modules. Our products can operate efficiently and stably in various environment. And Our products and services has been exported more than 150 countries around the world in the past 10 years. We advocate new energy life promote the development of new energy ecological technology and protect the natural environment, so as to achieve common progress between human beings and nature.